† WILMINGTON VETERINARIANS: Dog, Cat, Pet & Animal Hospitals
This is a listing of animal hospitals in Wilmington, North Carolina for dogs, cats & other pets. Find a good veterinarian in the list below.
If you own an animal hospital or know of a good vet in Wilmington, NC. and would like to see a particular animal hospital listed on this page, here for details.


Wrightsville Beach Pet Hospital
Pine Valley Animal Hospital
Porters Neck Veterinary Hospital
Ogden Veterinary
Lacroix Veterinary Hospital
Leonard Sykes Hospital For Pets
Highsmith Animal Hospital
Scotts Hill Animal Hospital
Just Cats Veterinary Hospital
Hanover Regional Animal Hospital
Dineen Animal Hospital
College Road Animal Hospital
Forest Hills Veterinary Hospital
Atlantic Animal Hospital
Azalea Coast Animal Care
Burgaw Veterinary Hospital
Banfield The Pet Hospital
Four Oaks Pet Hospital

Area code (910) unless stated otherwise

6324 Oleander Drive 397-7770
106 Longstreet Drive 799-4500
8129 Market Street 686-6297
7409 Market Street 686-4546
908 Pine Grove Drive 799-3100
908 S Kerr Avenue 791-8426
4605 Wrightsville Avenue 799-5587
11170 Highway 17 686-0686
318 Parkway Drive 792-9996
4711 Oleander Drive 791-1446
1132 Floral Parkway 799-3400
4140 S College Road 395-6555
8 North 26th Street 362-9955
1319 Military Cutoff Road 256-2624
6205 Market Street 791-3112
1252 Highway 117 North 259-8686
4715 New Center Drive 796-0401
5725 Oleander Drive 397-0710

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