Pet Cat & Dog Vet / Veterinarians
Animal hospitals & veterinary services for cats, dogs, or other pets in Wichita, Kansas.
Find a cat veterinarian, dog veterinarian or holistic vets in the list below.
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El Dorado Animal Clinic

Wingert Animal Hospital
Sweetbriar Veterinary Clinic
The Harry Pet Clinic
Village Animal Hospital
Webb Village Pet Clinic
Seneca Veterinary Clinic
Pet Haven - Veterinary Clinic
Pottorff Animal Hospital
Northrock Hospital for Animals
Hutton Veterinary Clinic
Indian Hills Animal Clinics
Herndon Veterinary Clinic
G U M P Small Animal Hospital
Haysville Animal Hospital
Heartland Animal Hospital
East Central Veterinary Clinic
Emergency Veterinary Clinic
Cottonwood Animal Hospital
Cimarron Animal Hospital
College Hill Animal Hospital
Companion Animal Hospital
Cat Hospital of Wichita
Blair Doon Veterinary Hospital
Bogue Animal Hospital
Broadway Animal Clinic
Air Capital Veterinary Clinic

111 E. Locust, El Dorado (316) 321.1050

4419 South Seneca Street 524-3257
2070 West 21st Street N 838-0861
6145 East Harry Street 681-0771
6121 East 13th Street North 689-0202
1520 South Webb Road 686-8516
435 North Seneca Street 262-1239
2518 West 13th Street North 942-2531
3701 Maple Street 942-4275
8338 East 29th Street North 636-1200
3116 East 31st Street South 681-0261
1448 North Maize Road 722-6444
8820 Maple Street 722-6240
6603 East Kellogg Drive 682-1568
7550 South Broadway 522-4797
4100 North Woodlawn Street 744-2043
5301 East Central Avenue 686-7418
727 South Washington Street 262-5321
421 North Webb Road 733-0883
6011 East 21st Street North 686-4713
244 North Hillside 618-8881
10555 Maple Street 722-1921
6534 East Central Avenue 686-2287
10804 East 31st Street South 685-7300
429 North Maize Road 722-1085
3036 South Broadway Street 522-6222
419 South Hydraulic Street 267-1094

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