Herbs to Cure or Ease Symptoms
of Cancer in Dogs or Cats
   Many people do not realize that dog cancer & cat cancer symptoms can be treated with the same types of herbs and natural medicines that people take for themselves. Stomach cancer, breast cancer, lung, liver, prostrate, and other cancers can all be treated herbally. One of the first things to consider if you are going to give a dog or cat some type of natural medicine is that a dog or cat usually weighs less that a person. Before you give any medicine you need to determine how much to give.
   An important thing to know about (cancer) is that even though there is no "cure", it can be cured in some people and pets some of the time. The way to becoming one of the cured is to find the right combination of natural medicines for you or your {pet}. The wisest thing to do is faithfully take all of the herbs that are known to be best and most commonly known for curing or helping to cure cancer. While you are giving them the basics, you can also experiment with other herbs that may help alleviate some of the {symptoms} or side effects often accompanying cancer such as bronchitus. Just make sure you always keep them on the basics and that you give them the right dosages. With almost all natural medicines, especially ones that are good for [cancer], you don't have to worry about combining them.
   Sometimes people or their pets are diagnosed with various "types of cancer" at a late stage and if the patient only has months to live, surgery is often necessary to remove a dangerous tumor. It is still a wise idea to take natural medicines before and after the surgery. {Lung Cancer}, {breast cancer} & other (types of cancers) have a nasty way of spreading and when a tumor is removed there are often cancerous cells still in the body that can spread. Taking natural medicines before a surgery is also a good idea because they will help make sure the bodies immune system is at it's best to insure a smoother operation and a quicker recovery.

How To Determine the Right Dose
   Before you give any medicine to your pet, you need to determine how much to give. The way to do that is to determine how much your pet weighs. Average human weight is considered to be 150 lbs. If the directions on the bottle say "take 3 capsules daily", and you have a 50 lb. dog, then you should only give him one capsule a day. If you have a 10 lb. cat you would only give it one 5th of a capsule. If you're treating a small dog or cat you will need to get a scale capable of measuring grams and milligrams. It's difficult to accurately measure one 5th of a capsule and the smaller the ratio the more difficult it is. Don't forget, if the directions say "take with food", thenm make sure you give it to your pet on a full stomach. It is also a good idea to start out with only half of what you think the correct amount is.
   Before giving your pet any herbs or other natural medicine you should also consider your pets lifestyle and general health. For example, if your pet already has a lot of energy, you would want to be real carefull not to give them anything that might “speed them up” and make them hyper such as ephedra Ma Huang. Ephedra should never be given to your pet. If your pet has a sensitive stomach then make sure you don't give them any herbs that may further aggravate it. These are the type of things that should also be considered before medicating your pet.

List of basic, well known herbs and natural medicines with anticancerous properties
   There are many other herbs and natural medicines with anticancerous properties that are not listed here. This list is of the herbs and medicines with the strongest properties, highest success rates etc..., that should all be taken or given regularly. It's good to try other herbs for alleviating various symptoms of cancer but these should be used regulary to treat the disease itself.
Reishi , Shiitake , Maitake , and Cordyceps mushrooms
   It's not a good idea to take all the different types of mushrooms with anticancer properties, unless you are taking them in a capsule or tincture form that has different varieties already combined. Just determine which one is most appropriate for your symptoms. Reishi mushrooms are also known or referred to by their scientific name Ganoderma. In China they are called Ling Chi. This is good to know because most reishi mushrooms are grown in and imported from China. A large book could easily be written on the medicinal properties of reishi and other mushrooms. Reishi are best for non-hormonal types of cancer such as lung cancer. Aside from being anticancerous, they are also well known for alleviating arrthymia, bronchial inflammation, weak immune system, high blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers, nervousness, allergies, insomnia, dizziness, and a few other things.
   Shiitake mushrooms are best for hormonal types of cancer such as breast cancer and prostrate cancer. Aside from being anticancerous they also help alleviate viruses, colds and flu, chronic fatigue, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, poor blood circulation, environmental allergies, immune weakness, diabetes, and upper respiratory diseases, and sypmtoms of chemotherapy.
   Maitake mushrooms are also anticancerous but their medicinal properties are not as prominent as the shiitake and reishi. Maitake are also helpfull for alleviating chronic fatigue, diabetes, high cholesterol, immune deficiencies, obesity, and the symptoms of chemotherapy. Cordyceps mushrooms also have strong anticancerous properties and are also helpfull in alleviating anemia, coughs, respiratory problems, high cholesterol, kidney problems, liver disorders, arrhythmias, low stamina, and impotence.

   Astragalus has anticancerous properties and is also unique from other herbs and medicines that are good for fighting cancer because it is also a supportive herb. It enhances the properties of other herbs and medicines and therefore increases their effectiveness. It is used for building the immune system and treating symptoms such as high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic fatigue, frequent colds, shortness of breath, and because it is a strong immune system booster it is often used to alleviate symptoms from chemotherapy and radiation treatments.
Essiac Tea
   Essiac tea is also called flor-escence. There are 2 different versions of this tea. One version has a blend of 4 different herbs and the other is a blend of 8. They are both good. One of the most interesting things about this tea blend is that is has never been advertised by the manufacturer except for word of mouth and almost any vitamin or health food store has it. It also has a very interesting story behind it that can be found at Essiac tea may or may not cure your cancer but it's a sure thing that it will make you healthier and boost your immune system. There are special brewing instructions included with essiac tea. It is important to follow these directions such as preparing the tea in a stainless steel or glass pot, or you may alter the chemical properties of the herbs and reduce their effectiveness. The instructions often include dosages for pets such as cats and dogs with breast cancer or other types of cancer.
Melatonin, Grape Seed, and Colostrum
   These are unique among other antioxidants and herbs because they are some of the few antioxidants that are able to penetrate the "blood, brain" barrier. Even if the cancer or tumor is not located in the brain melatonin should be added to the list of “constantly taken meds”. Regardless of where a malignant tumor or cancer originates it has a nasty way of spreading and if you successfully eradicate it or send it into remission in the body it could show up in the brain so it's wise to always be taking at least one kind of antioxidant capable of penetrating the brain. Often people think they have gotten rid of or sent the cancer into remission because x-rays show that this is the case, but they don't think to check to see if it's made it's way into the brain. Only one of these 3 antioxidants should be taken regularly depending on the patient. Melatonin is also used for sleep disorders and if the patient is already lacking energy you should probably use a different antioxidant for the brain. On the other hand if the patient does not suffer from a lack of energy melatonin may be usefull for relieving anxiety and helping the patient sleep better.
   Grape Seed Extract is also usefull in alleviating symptoms such as asthma and emphysema and helps reduce coughing, mucous, weakness, and other resperitory infections. It is also usefull in treating cardiovascular diseases, ulcers caused by stress, and environmental allergies. It is also an anti-inflammatory and therefore helps prevent swelling and aids in healing damaged tissue.
   Cholostrum is not only an excellent antioxidant and good for boosting the immune system, it also has growth factors which help to promote healing by maintaining, building, and repairing bone mass, muscle, nerves, and cartilage. It also helps balance bood sugar levels and has anti-aging properties.
More information and tips on what can be done to help "cats with cancer" and "dogs with cancer" soon.
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