Pet Cat & Dog Vet / Veterinarians
Animal hospitals & veterinary services for cats, dogs, or other pets in Topeka, Kansas.
Find a cat veterinarian, dog veterinarian or holistic vets in the list below.
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Westport Animal Clinic

West Ridge Animal Hospital
University Bird & Small Animal Clinic
Veterinary Medical & Surgical Hospital
Topeka Home Veterinary Service
South City Animal Hospital
Shawnee Animal Hospital
Potwin Pet Clinic
Pleasant Hill Animal Hospital
North Valley Animal Hospital
Paw Prints Animal Hospital
Indian Creek Veterinary Hospital
Highland Park Animal Clinic
Gage Animal Hospital
Hall Vet
Emergency Animal Clinic
Family Pet Hospital
Companion Animal Clinic
Burlingame Road Animal Hospital
Animal Clinic of North Topeka
Aid Animal Hospital
Stone House Animal Hospital

2800 SW Wanamaker Road (785) 272-2520

2147 SW Westport Drive 272-3333
2619 SW 17th Street 233-3185
1515 SW 29th Street 267-6060
3220 SW Gainsboro Road 478-2121
2855 SW Kansas Place 267-0391
109 SW Meadow Lane 272-4251
526 SW Washburn Avenue 232-7779
223 NE 58th Street 246-0050
417 NE Us Highway 24 233-6644
4144 SE 45th Street 267-1918
140 NE 46th Street 286-0909
2061 SE California Avenue 232-2205
4000 SW 12th Street 272-8876
111 NW Hardt Avenue 357-1287
330 SW Yorkshire Road 272-2926
2220 SE 29th Street 267-0506
3335 SW Fairlawn Road 271-7387
3715 SW Burlingame Road 267-1012
625 NW Us Highway 24 357-5188
2408 SW 6th Avenue 233-7664
1010 SW Fairlawn Road 228-9411

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