Pet Cat & Dog Vet / Veterinarians
Animal hospitals & veterinary services for cats, dogs, or other pets in San Francisco, California.
Find a cat veterinarian, dog veterinarian or holistic vets in the list below.
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Veterinary Homeopathy

Veterinary Chriropracticioner
San Francisco Veterinary Specialists
San Francisco Pet Hospital
Pets Unlimited
Park Animal Hospital
Ocean Avenue Veterinary Hospital
Nob Hill Cat Clinic & Hospital
Mission Pet Hospital
Lombard Pet Hospital
Irving Street Veterinary Hospital
Especially Cats Veterinary Hospital
Blue Cross Pet Hospital
Balboa Pet Hospital
Avenues Pet Hospital
Arguello Pet Hospital
Animal Health Network
Animal Farm Pet Hospital
All Pets Hospital
All Animals Emergency Hospital

2410 17th Avenue (415) 664-4204

3637 Sacramento Street 292-5167
3619 California St. 387-6844
1371 Fulton St. 931-8312
2343 Fillmore St.563-6700
1207 9th Ave. 753-8485
1001 Ocean Ave. 586-5327
1540 California St. 776-6122
720 Valencia St. 552-1969
2308 Lombard St. 567-1550
1434 Irving St. 664-0191
1339 Taraval St. 681-5553
1386 Golden Gate Ave. 931-5550
3329 Balboa St. 752-3300
2221 Taraval St. 681-4313
530 Arguello Boulevard 751-3242
5264 Diamond Heights Blvd. 920-6980
5601 Mission St. 584-6731
269 S. Van Ness Ave. 861-5725
1333 9th Ave. 566-0531

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