† SAN ANTONIO VETERINARIANS: Dog, Cat, Pet & Animal Hospitals
This is a listing of animal hospitals in San Antonio, Texas for dogs, cats & other pets. Find a good veterinarian in the list below.

If you own an animal hospital or know of a good vet in San Antonio, TX. and would like to see a particular animal hospital listed on this page, here for details.

San Antonio Veterinarians

Crestway Animal Clinic
Zarzamora Veterinary Clinic
Wiseman Animal Hospital
Windcrest Animal Hospital
Veterinary Hospital of Leon Springs
Tri County Veterinary Hospital
Town & Country Veterinary Hospital
Towne North Animal Hospital
Ten West Animal Hospital
Stone Oak Veterinary Clinic
Spring Creek Animal Hospital
St Francis Veterinary Medical Center
South Texas Veterinary Specialist
Southeast Animal Hospital
Sharpcare Animal Hospital
San Pedro Pet & Bird Clinic
Rigsby Veterinary Clinic
Rittiman Road Animal Hospital
Pet Medical Center of San Antonio
Babcock Hills Veterinary

Area code (210)

6636 Crestway Drive 657-6747
8606 South Zarzamora Street(210) 922-4490
2210 Northwest Loop 410 344-9741
5105 Walzem Road 653-3660
19633 Ih West 698-1043
6695 Tri County Parkway 651-4236
10350 Bandera Road 684-1448
13335 San Pedro Avenue 494-1903
12727 Mountain Air 696-1700
18854 Stone Oak Parkway 545-6446
14837 Nacogdoches Road 599-2131
8615 Potranco Road 509-8500
8503 Broadway Street 930-8383
1351 Fair Ave 534-4300
6758 Ingram Road 680-5243
6726 San Pedro Ave 829-8701
4831 Rigsby Avenue 648-3183
4739 Rittiman Road 653-7721
7811 Mainland Drive 681-8333
6600 W Prue Road 1 (210) 697-8581

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