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Animal hospitals & veterinary services for cats, dogs, or other pets in Reno, Nevada.
Find a cat veterinarian, dog veterinarian or holistic vets in the list below.
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Reno Animal Hospitals

Reno Equine Clinic
Reno Animal Hospital
Pinion Veterinary Hospital
Pet Vets
North Hills Veterinary Clinic
Lemmon Valley Animal Hospital
Kings Row Pet Hospital
Feline Medical Center
Fairgrounds Animal Hospital
Eye Clinic for Animals
Community Animal Hospital
Brinkby Animal Hospital
Animal Medical Center
Alpine Veterinary Hospital
ABC Veterinary Clinic
A Plus Animal Hospital
Lakeside Animal Hospital
Baring Boulevard Veterinary Hospital
Truckee Meadows Veterinary Hospital
SPCA of Northern Nevada
Silver Sage Veterinary Hospital
Sierra View Animal Hospital

Area Code 775

6474 Bonde Lane 851-3151
1221 W. 2nd. St.323-0100
11115 S. Virginia St. 851-4218
2900 Clear Acre Ln. 322-4733
1075 N. Hills Blvd. Suite 350 972-5566
9255 Lemmon Dr. 972-7700
3653 Kings Row 747-1211
4792 Caughlin Parkway 829-0969
2435 Sutro St. 329-4106
6427 S. Virginia St. 851-3600
5150 Mae Anne Ave. 746-0333
365 Brinkby Ave. 829-1996
855 E. Peckham Ln. 827-3033
7689 S. Virginia St. 853-0909
121 18th. St. 358-6211
7025 Longely Lane 852-4300
6135 Lakeside Drive, # 141 827-8866
700 Baring Boulevard
Sparks, NV 358.6880
465 W. Moana Lane 825-0400
840 E. 5th Street324-7773
1135 Hunter Lake Drive 786-9150
6200 S. Virginia St. 825-0913

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