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Animal hospitals & veterinary services for cats, dogs, or other pets in Oakland, California.
Find a cat veterinarian, dog veterinarian or holistic vets in the list below.
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Veterinarian: Oakland Vet List

Plaza Veterinary Hospital
Oakland Veterinary Hospital
Montclair Veterinary Clinic
Lake Veterinary Hospital
Good Samaritan Veterinary Clinic
Dimond Pet Clinic
California Dog & Cat Hospital
Broadway Pet Hospital
All Seasons Mobile Veterinary Clinic
Bay Area Animal Hospital
Thornhill Pet Hospital
Skyline Veterinary Hospital
Sol Companion
St Louis Veterinary Clinic
Salwan Sandeep Foothill Pet Hospital

Area Code (510) unless stated otherwise

4400 Keller Avenue 569-8864
4258 Macarthur Boulevard 530-1353
1961 Mountain Boulevard 339-8600
3331 Grand Avenue 452-1255
Oakland 357-8574
2501 Macarthur Boulevard 530-1373
4231 International Boulevard 532-1711
4920 Broadway 653-0212
Oakland 430-0366
4501 Shattuck Avenue 654-8375
5745 Thornhill Drive 339-2041
11883 Skyline Boulevard 531-8280
3234 Grand Avenue 832-0929
3545 Fruitvale Avenue 530-1004
3561 Foothill Boulevard 534-7387

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