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Animal hospitals & veterinary services for cats, dogs, or other pets in Montgomery, Alabama.
Find a cat veterinarian, dog veterinarian or holistic vets in the list below.
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Veterinarian: Montgomery Vet List

Robinson Hill Road Vet Clinic
Pet Care Center
Phillips Animal Clinic
Montgomery Pet Skin & Ear Clinic
Montgomery Veterinary Associates
Montgomery Animal Hospital
Golden Animal Hospital
Goodwin Animal Hospital
Eastmont Animal Clinic
Carmichael Road Animal Clinic
Carriage Hills Animal Hospital
Cat Clinic of Montgomery
Capitol Plaza Veterinary Clinic
Blue Ridge Animal Clinic
Adair Veterinary Clinic
Animal Clinic
Willis Animal Clinic
Warsh Pot Pet Parlor
Vaughn Road Veterinary Clinic
Taylor Crossing Animal Hospital

Area Code (334) unless stated otherwise

1615 Robison Hill Road 264-2414
4011 Wallace Drive 281-4011
4410 Troy Highway 281-8196
3310 Atlanta Highway 272-2200
2039 Carter Hill Road 269-2508
5528 Wares Ferry Road 271-0182
6353 Atlanta Highway 279-7387
4701 Atlanta Highway 279-7456
111 Eastdale Road South 272-0763
4232 Carmichael Road 279-5851
3200 Eastern Boulevard 277-2867
4232 Carmichael Road 277-1531
2200 East South Boulevard 281-5400
4422 Wetumpka Highway 279-5333
4545 Norman Bridge Road 288-4281
3505 McGehee Road 281-6100
3598 Mobile Highway 281-9780
1615 Robison Hill Road 264-2414
7861 Vaughn Road 277-3705
6897 Atlanta Highway 260-8787

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