Pet Cat & Dog Vet / Veterinarians
Animal hospitals & veterinary services for cats, dogs, or other pets in Knoxville, Tennessee.
Find a cat veterinarian, dog veterinarian or holistic vets in the list below.
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Veterinarian: Knoxville Vet List

Smoky Mountain Animal Clinic
Rocky Hill Animal Hospital
North Knox Veterinary Clinic
Northshore Animal Hospital
Northside Animal Clinic
Pellissippi Veterinary Hospital
Knoxville Animal Clinic
Knoxville Pet Emergency Clinic
Lange Animal Hospital
Lantz Veterinary Clinic
Karn's Animal Clinic
Governor John Sevier Animal Clinic
Groves Animal Hospital
Four Winds Holistic Animal Services
Forest Park Clinic for Cats & Dogs
Dyer Animal Clinic
Farragut Animal Clinic
Dogwood Animal Hospital
Crossings Animal Hospital
Crossroads Animal Clinic
Companion Animal Hospital
Concord Veterinary Hospital
Cat Clinic
Cedar Bluff Animal Clinic
Central Veterinary Hospital
Butler Animal Clinic
Broadway Veterinary Clinic
Bearden Hill Veterinary Clinic
Beaverbrook Animal Hospital
Asheville Highway Animal Clinic
Animal Foundation
Admiral Veterinary Hospital
After Hours Pet Emergency Clinic
All Paws Veterinary Clinic
West Bearden Veterinary Hospital
Washington Pike Veterinary Hospital
Village Veterinary Clinic
Volunteer Veterinary Hospital

Area Code (865) unless stated otherwise

10718 Chapman Highway 577-4861
7656 South Northshore Drive 637-0114
4700 Central Avenue Pike 687-2515
9315 South Northshore Drive 769-8800
Quarry Road 922-8300
1717 Schaeffer Road 691-8387
5312 Homberg Drive 584-1588
1819 Ailor Avenue 637-0114
10405 Kingston Pike 690-6481
11418 Kingston Pike a 675-7387
7752 Oak Ridge Highway 690-1282
3202 West Governor John Sevier 579-1090
1439 Ebenezer Road 694-8387
Knoxville 690-3863
318 North Forest Park Boulevard 584-4600
6400 Asheville Highway 637-7000
10226 Kingston Pike 693-0401
5900 Chapman Highway 577-0344
8705 Asheville Highway 933-5011
7426 Maynardville Pike 922-1921
2930 Tazewell Pike 689-2719
11904 Kingston Pike 966-4135
110 Perimeter Park Road 531-2287
9049 Middlebrook Pike 693-8212
1212 West Clinch Avenue 525-1167
7241 Oak Ridge Highway 531-7311
4207 North Broadway Street 687-2651
6439 Deane Hill Drive 588-9547
1509 East Emory Road 688-2921
4516 Asheville Highway 523-8434
1637 Downtown W Boulevard 691-8384
204 Watt Road 675-1833
215 Center Park Drive 966-3888
6450 Western Avenue 584-7297
8706 Unicorn Drive 690-1421
3400 Mill Road 523-6886
11249 Kingston Pike 966-8900
3039 Alcoa Highway 609-0311

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