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Animal hospitals & veterinary services for cats, dogs, or other pets in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Find a cat veterinarian, dog veterinarian or holistic vets in the list below.
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Veterinarian: Grand Rapids List

Scholfield Veterinary Hospital
Schmitt's Animal Hospital
Red Barn Veterinary Clinic
Plainfield Pet Hospital
Plymouth Road Animal Clinic
Northeast Cat & Dog Hospital
Kelley's Animal Clinic
Kentwood Cat Clinic
Forest Hills Veterinary Clinic
Coit Animal Clinic
Breton Animal Hospital
Brookmar Veterinary Clinic
Cat Clinic North
Clyde Park Veterinary Clinic
Animal Clinic Inc
Animal Emergency Hospital
Woodland Veterinary Clinic
Wyoming Animal Hospital
Westwood Hills Animal Hospital
South Crossing Veterinary Center

Area Code (616) unless stated otherwise

2883 East Paris Avenue SE 957-4291
4268 3 Mile Road NW 791-2011
6421 Division Avenue S 455-4850
4609 Plainfield Avenue NE 361-7509
680 Plymouth Avenue NE 456-9212
1527 Michigan Street NE 451-2694
4011 Remembrance Road NW 453-7422
3215 Breton Road SE 241-6369
4769 Cascade Road SE 949-7420
1958 Coit Avenue NE 363-5530
3130 Breton Road SE 949-7480
200 44th Street SE 531-5446
3409 Plainfield Avenue NE 364-1633
2665 5 Mile Road NE 364-1211
4245 Clyde Park Avenue SW 531-0455
133 28th Street SE 241-3651
3260 Plainfield Avenue NE 361-9911
3012 Shaffer Avenue SE 942-6780
2754 Burlingame Avenue SW 538-9700
3242 Leonard Street NW 453-8259
6700 Kalamazoo Avenue SE 554-0400

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