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Animal hospitals & veterinary services for cats, dogs, or other pets in Detroit, Michigan.
Find a cat veterinarian, dog veterinarian or holistic vets in the list below.
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Veterinarian: Detroit Vet List

Plymouth-Beech Animal Hospital
Platz Animal Hospital
Northwest Animal Hospital
P V H of Allen Park
Patterson Dog and Cat Hospital
North Metro Veterinary Hospital
Northland Veterinary Hospital
Morris Hospital for Veterinary Services
Michigan Animal Hospital
Lafond Veterinary Hospital
Kitty's Doctor
Jefferson Veterinary Center
Grosse Pointe Animal Clinic
Harper Avenue Animal Hospital
Harper Woods Veterinary Hospital
Harvey Memorial Animal Hospital
Grand River Veterinary Hospital
Five Mile Animal Hospital
Donovan Veterinary Hospital
Downtown Veterinary Hospital
East Suburbs Pet
Cowan Veterinary Hospital
Mack Animal Hospital
Beech Road Veterinary Hospital
Avon Animal Clinic
Animal Clinic Eastside
Westcott Veterinary Care Centers
Westcott Veterinary Care Centers
Rakestraw Animal Hospital
Redford Animal Hospital

Area Code (313) unless stated otherwise

25245 Plymouth Road 533-2140
15310 Mack Avenue 886-0300
17641 West McNichols Road 531-1620
5410 Allen, Detroit 928-9100
3800 Grand River Avenue 832-7282
20021 Greenfield Road 272-9080
18531 West 8 Mile Road 533-5080
26684 Grand River Avenue 537-6100
5831 Michigan Avenue 897-7740
3191 West 8 Mile Road 862-4585
21205 Mack Avenue 881-2100
11300 East Jefferson Avenue 822-2555
15135 Kercheval Street 822-5707
15612 Harper Avenue 882-0505
20102 Harper Avenue, Harper Woods 881-8061
18479 Mack Avenue, Grosse Pointe 882-3026
10117 Grand River Avenue 933-2689
25920 5 Mile Road, Redford 532-4440
17191 East Warren Avenue 882-7747
3800 Grand River Avenue 832-7282
20112 Harper Avenue, Harper Woods 881-6200
12541 East McNichols Road 372-9762
17133 Mack Avenue 882-8660
25885 West 6 Mile Road, Redford 538-0900
27165 Grand River Avenue, Redford 794-1024
13910 East 8 Mile Road 521-6610
24429 Grand River Avenue 255-2400
25245 Plymouth Road 533-2140
20241 Van Dyke Street 366-8853
20629 Grand River Avenue 532-6900

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