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Animal hospitals & veterinary services for cats, dogs, or other pets in Corpus Christi, Texas.
Find a cat veterinarian, dog veterinarian or holistic vets in the list below.
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Veterinarian: Corpus Christi List

Riverside Veterinary Clinic
Santa Fe Animal Hospital
Prewitt Hospital for Animals
Nueces Veterinary Hospital
Oso Creek Animal Hospital
Padre Animal Hospital
Lee Animal Clinic
Flour Bluff Animal Hospital
Everhart Animal Hospital
Corpus Christi Animal Clinic
Doddridge Animal Clinic
Bluntzer Animal Hospital
Animal Hospital of Padre Island
Animal Medical & Surgical Clinic
Baldwin & Crosstown Animal Clinic
Banfield the Pet Hospital
Windsor Park Animal Hospital
Wooldridge Creek Animal Hospital
Waldron Road Animal Clinic
Southside Animal Hospital

Area Code (361) unless stated otherwise

14446 Northwest Boulevard 387-2427
4100 Santa Fe Street 854-5911
4232 South Padre Island Drive 852-7331
11027 Leopard Street 242-3337
7713 South Staples Street 994-1145
9501 South Padre Island Drive 937-2631
3313 Agnes Street 888-4448
10338 South Padre Island Drive 937-6405
5149 Everhart Road 854-1430
1010 Ohio Avenue 852-7319
1057 Doddridge Street 852-9638
4301 Avalon Street 992-7671
14802 Compass Street 949-8200
6822 Everhart Road 993-6752
1920 Baldwin Boulevard 882-1534
5214 Blanch Moore 993-4141
4322 South Staples Street 992-9731
5650 Wooldridge Road 991-5522
10338 South Padre Island Drive 937-2648
6940 South Padre Island Drive 993-7388

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