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Animal hospitals & veterinary services for cats, dogs, or other pets in Columbia, South Carolina.
Find a cat veterinarian, dog veterinarian or holistic vets in the list below.
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Veterinarian: Columbia Vet List

St Andrews Animal Clinic
Seven Oaks Animal Hospital
Shandon-Wood Animal Hospital
Rosewood Drive Animal Clinic
Midlands Veterinary Practice
Northeast Animal Clinic
Parklane Animal Hospital
Pet Friends
River Drive Animal Hospital
Humane SPCA
Gregg Animal Hospital
Five-Points Animal Clinic
Columbia Cat Clinic
Cedarwood Pet Hospital
Capital Animal Hospital
Cat Clinic
Bright Animal Clinic
Banfield the Pet Hospital
Banks Animal Hospital
Ambassador Animal Hospital
West Columbia Animal Clinic
Van de Grift Animal Clinic
Two Notch Road Animal Clinic
Spring Valley Animal Hospital

Area Code (803) unless stated otherwise

1330 Omarest Drive 772-8411
591 Saint Andrews Road 731-9200
912 Daly Street 254-9257
3002 Rosewood Drive 252-4021
1002 Zimalcrest Drive 750-7387
10200 Two Notch Road 736-4703
7352 Parklane Road 788-3753
2116 Clemson Road 419-7489
3701 River Drive 779-0123
121 Humane Lane 783-1267
8309 Two Notch Road 736-0006
900 Harden Street 799-4302
916 Daly Street 254-2600
7474 Garners Ferry Road 783-2554
4424 Devine Street 787-7333
4039 Trenholm Road 787-2445
2444 Decker Boulevard 788-8822
246 Harbison Boulevard 732-3317
6070 Saint Andrews Road 798-6252
5317 Forest Drive 787-3840
3214 Platt Springs Road 939-9061
1812 Taylor Street 254-7354
10262 Two Notch Road 788-7387
8913 Two Notch Road 788-8481

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